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AMPed's F*ck Up Night

The team at AMPed are aware of the toll uni can take on your mental health. From assignments, exams, and work experience, to home life and everything in-between. So, we have teamed up with the legends at Spur Project's to bring you F*ck Up Night (FUN)!

There are two rules:
1) You must meet at least one new person
2) You must share at least one f*ck up you've made

It doesn’t matter how big or small the f*ck up is. Let's face it: We live in a competitive society where weaknesses, mistakes or “f*ck ups” are covered up, glossed over or ignored, rather than enjoyed for the glorious learning opportunity that they should be. “F*ck Up Night” is an opportunity to celebrate and own the f*ck ups we make in life.

And hey, the better we get at talking about the little things the easier it is to share the bigger stuff, too.

This event aims to create a safe and healthy environment for students to let all their stress and anxiety go. Having a mental melt down? Come chill out with us! What better way to do that, than with Icy Poles! (and they will be in abundance). Bring your mates from all the different faculties and let's just have a night to talk about our f*ck up's, chill out and let the stress melt away.

This event is FREE but you do need to register that you're attending! Register here:

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