How To Survive O-Week!

AMPed's O-Week Survival Guide

O-Week is just around the corner! For first years, the thought of starting uni can be daunting, however it is an exciting time.

We have complied a list of our top eight tips to help you make the most of O-Week! 


Tip 1: Get Yo'Self to O-Week!

O-Week is a great week to gain an understanding of university life and meet people you will see time and time again – for example in the line for coffee at The Pantry, or sweating it out in the Assignment Minder queue.

Use the opportunity to create foundations for the semester ahead. Check out QUT's services, clubs and societies, upcoming social activities and social sport.


Tip 2: Take your time

Take your time to familiarise yourself with the campus – the QUT Mobile app is a great way to inconspicuously check the campus maps to get you through the first few weeks. Though do not fret, everyone has found themselves lost on campus many times.

Get to know the faculties and the staff from your faculty – the sooner you become aware they are there to help and support you, the earlier you will begin to enjoy your classes. At the end of the day they are humans too, just super clever ones! Also take time to navigate around QUT Blackboard and QUT Virtual, they will be your lifelines throughout the semester.


Tip 3: Get Organised

Use the week to gather the equipment you need for the semester, especially textbooks. The QUT Bookshop stocks everything, however if you – like most of us – are looking for second hand options check out QUT Epic Textbooks on Facebook or the QUT Guild Second Hand Bookshop.


Tip 4: Join all of the Facebook groups

Facebook will become your best friend, and occasional worst enemy, while you are studying. You just need to learn how to control the social network... By joining the right QUT groups, you will be able to optimise your Facebook productivity. We recommend:

  1. AMPed Members Hub: The most important and valuable!
  2. QUT Epic Textbooks: Where students can buy, sell and trade textbooks.
  3. QUT Stalker Space 2.0: An open community for students of QUT.

Most of your units will have a Facebook group set up for discussions and help – keep your eyes peeled on Blackboard and in lectures for more information. 

If you have a keen interested in advertising, design or marcoms, we also recommend joining:

  1. Creative Advertising at QUT: Where likeminded students share and discuss everything advertising and marketing related.
  2. QUT AD UndergrADs: A group for QUT Business School Advertising students to share great advertising campaigns, internship and job opportunities, industry news and guest speakers.
  3. The Design Kids Brisbane: A group providing industry knowledge, exposure and opportunities to students and graduates in the communication design community, with a focus on illustration, typography and graphic design.


Tip 5: Plan Your Semester

Grab one of QUT's semester planners and start jotting important dates down.


Tip 6: Try the $2 Lunches

The lunches are crazy cheap, and amazing. Get amongst it!


Tip 7: Figure out your transport plan

QUT's city location means there is limited and expensive parking on campus. It is a great idea to find an alternative travel route to uni, like car pooling or securing a lift. Public transport is fantastic, so check out TransLink's bus, train and CityCat timetables. Make sure you apply online to receive tertiary transport concession fares! Use O-Week to become acquainted with the transport system to ensure you are not the person walking in late to your first lecture!


Tip 8: Get AMPed

Visit our stall during O-Week to chat with our team, become a member, find out about our upcoming events, and obtain your free goodie bag! 

While you are at it, keep up to date with everything AMPed by following us on social media. We post regular job opportunities on Facebook, photos from events on Instagram, live event tweets via Twitter, and our Snapchat account will regularly be taken over by industry personnel.


We look forward to meeting you at o-week! 

Enjoy semester one at QUT.