Making Friends at Uni!

Uni is filled with people... But it can feel super lonely at times if you haven’t had the chance to make friends. Here are some tips to help you make pals!

Say Hi!

It's simple, just say "hi!" Most people will also be on the lookout for friends, so spark a conversation. If you are waiting in line for a Boost Juice or to add money to your printing balance, or for a lecture, turn to someone and say hello. If they're not on your level of friendly, don’t let it get you down. Keep it up and you'll make some great friends!


Look Friendly

We know 8am lectures can be a struggle, but try to give off positive vibes. You'll appear more approachable, and feel able to tackle two hours of Statistics. Try not to just sit on your phone in the break of the lecture, this is a good time to lean over and ask the person next to you if they too don’t understand something. Doing this may set you up for a semester long study buddy – you need one in most subjects!

Be Considerate

Manners are highly underrated these days, let’s bring them back! Be aware of your surroundings – don't just push in, or apologise if you do. Everyone is busy and knows the feeling of be bogged down with assessment, let's acknowledge that and respect each other.


Make Conversations with People in Your Subjects

Get to know the people in your tutes and lectures, group assessment or not. Chances are, you'll have class with them multiple times throughout your degree. The sooner you become friends, the more you can help each other out!



Offer Someone a Compliment

If you like someone’s bag, or think their winged eyeliner is on fleek, tell them. You'll put a spring in their step and feel great for doing it. What better way to create foundations for a fantastic friendship!


Join clubs and Societies

There are over 110 clubs and societies at QUT, including faculty-based, special interest and sporting. Regardless of your major or sporting abilities, join one or several clubs. Becoming a member is great way to meet new people and make the most out of your uni experience! . They'll host parties, pub crawls, networking events and much more. We recommend at least joining AMPed. Check out the QUT Guild's website to find the perfect club for you.


Check out qut's Co-Curricular Activities

QUT offers a variety of co-curricular activities, including Business Advantage and Leadership Development and Innovation. These programs are designed to give you a head start, and are an opportunity to meet like-minded students and industry professionals.


Attend Networking Evenings

Networking events are important for your professional growth. After you've talked the talk with industry professionals, relax and chat with your peers. If the first few are a little awkward or challenging don't be disheartened – keep at it and you'll soon become a natural networker!


Most Importantly...

Attend all of AMPed's events! You are guaranteed to meet great people and make friends.

BY YASsi, AMPed 2016 Editor